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  • Herb Lobdell

Cruises For All, But Not All Are For One

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

There are so many cruises to choose from. Do you want a weekend trip? A few weeks? Tropical destination? Decisions like these are why I am here to help with my expertise.

One must know that before deciding on a cruise that the cruise lines are not all the same and each one caters to different interests of its passengers. For instance if you are a history buff you will probably love the Mediterranean with its many ports of call that offer incredible history and cultures ,with stops such as Italy, Greece, Istanbul Turkey and of course Egypt just to name a few. Are you a foodie? Then try Oceania Cruise Lines, their newest ships are designed just for you with passenger participation in cooking included. If you just want to kick back back for a week or so try a transatlantic repositioning cruise. If you love nature then Alaska is for you with incredible natural beauty. There are very few areas of the world that are not visited by the cruise lines. There are Cruises from just three days for a quick getaway to cruises that circle the globe and visit six continents and can be as long as one hundred and twenty day.



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